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Micro History

The first microscope was developed towards the end of the 16th century by Hans and Zacharias Jansen. The father and son team used lenses and tubes to invent this tool.

Multiple Uses

Microscopes have many uses. These tools help law enforcement solve crimes, help manufacturers make consumer goods safe, aide doctors in diagnosing conditions, and allow environmentalists to solve issues in nature.

Science Behind

A microscope is comprised of a stage, lenses, and a light. In order for a microscope to be useful, it must have good magnification, resolution, and contrast.

The first microscope was invented by a father and son team from the Netherlands in the late 16th century. Microscopes serve society in many important ways. They are comprised of three essential parts, the stage, lenses, and a light. A microscope’s usefulness depends on its magnification, resolution, and contrast abilities.

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